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Select Design Lessons: Out of this World Art

Select Design Lessons: Out of this World Art

Budd Hopkins Abstract Art

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Design Lessons 

We love art, and we love art even more when there is a story attached to it. The story of Budd Hopkins is interesting to say the least. Born in West Virginia Budd contracted polio when he was young. While recovering Budd discovered drawing. This interest led him to Oberlin College where Budd majored in Art History.  He eventually moved to New York City where he became friends with other abstract impressionist artists at the time such as Mark Rothko and Franz Kline.  Budd’s work featured geometric shapes mostly working with collages. Budd considered collage “the assemblage of fragments and varying points of view, in the poetry, painting, sculpture, music, architecture, and especially, motion picture of his day.”

Later in life Budd’s interest shifted and this is where it gets interesting.  Budd is credited as a prominent leader in the UFO movement.  Budd had been interested in aliens and UFOS since he was a child.  As he grew older his interest grew. While teaching in Truro in 1964 he claimed to have witnessed a day time UFO sighting. He also claimed to see aliens disembark from a UFO and take soil samples in New Jersey.  He formed “The Intruders Foundation of Manhattan” and began to receive letters from abductees. He wrote three books in the subject of alien abduction and even had a television mini-series based off of his books. Budd claimed that believed that no good could come of being the unwilling subject of a vast human genome project in the sky. He called his informants “victims” and ran group therapy sessions for them in New York. Budd died in 2011 but his influence in both the art world and with alien abduction lives on.

We are fortunate enough to have two of Budd’s original works in our store including untitled abstract star, which is pictured above!

Budd Hopkins
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